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Teeth Whitening


Achieving a radiant, white smile can often be challenging due to various factors such as diet, lifestyle choices, and oral hygiene practices. However, with the professional dental care provided at Glendale Heights Family Dental (GHFD), you can overcome staining and darkening, achieving the sparkling smile you've always dreamed of.

What Can Professional Teeth Whitening Do for You?

At Glendale Heights Family Dental, one of our areas of expertise is professional teeth whitening. This non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure focuses on bleaching the natural tooth enamel, allowing your teeth to return to their original vibrancy. The process is painless and fast, and for your convenience, we even offer the option of taking home an at-home whitening kit after your routine dental appointment. With this at-home kit, you can achieve the same teeth-whitening results in your home.

Why Should I Choose Professional Whitening Over Store-Bought Kits?

You might wonder why you should choose professional teeth whitening over store-bought kits. There are several advantages to opting for professional teeth whitening at Glendale Heights Family Dental:

Safety: Our trained dentists prioritize your safety, ensuring that the risk of gum or tooth irritation is minimized compared to over-the-counter options.

Effectiveness: Our professional strength and regulated teeth whitening products guarantee highly effective and long-lasting results, surpassing the capabilities of store-bought alternatives.

Time: With professional teeth whitening, you can experience noticeable whitening in just one or a few visits. The procedure typically lasts 30 to 90 minutes, providing lasting outcomes.

Cost: While professional teeth whitening may involve higher upfront costs, it is a worthwhile investment. Unlike the inconsistent and temporary outcomes often associated with store-bought solutions, you can enjoy consistent, long-lasting results.

Get Started on Your Teeth Whitening Today!

If you're ready to embark on your teeth-whitening journey, Glendale Heights Family Dental is here to help. We offer free consultations to thoroughly discuss your options and help you weigh the pros and cons. Our team of professionals can guide you through the process and address any questions or concerns.

To learn more about the benefits of teeth whitening or to explore other dental solutions, such as dental implants, call Glendale Heights Family Dental at (630) 866-6000 to schedule an appointment today. Take the first step towards a brighter and more confident smile with Glendale Heights Family Dental.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure designed to lighten the color of teeth and remove stains or discoloration. It is a non-invasive treatment that can be performed by a dentist or using over-the-counter products.

How does teeth whitening work?

Most teeth whitening methods use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to break down stains on the tooth's surface. Oxygen from these compounds enters the enamel and dentin, effectively bleaching the colored substances while leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged.

Is teeth whitening safe?

When performed under professional supervision or using dentist-recommended products, teeth whitening is generally safe. However, overusing commercial whitening products or seeking unauthorized procedures may lead to tooth sensitivity or damage. Consult with a dentist for personalized advice.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The duration of teeth whitening results varies based on factors such as lifestyle, diet, and oral hygiene. With proper care, including regular brushing, flossing, and avoiding stain-inducing substances, the effects of teeth whitening can last several months to a couple of years.

Are there any side effects of teeth whitening?

Temporary side effects may include tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. These effects usually subside after treatment. It's crucial to follow the recommended guidelines and consult with a dentist if you experience persistent discomfort.

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Glendale Heights Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services for all ages. Trust us as your go-to family dentist in Glendale Heights.


Glendale Heights Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services for all ages. Trust us as your go-to family dentist in Glendale Heights.

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