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Clear Aligners Or Invisalign


Welcome to Glendale Heights Dental, where we're dedicated to giving you a stunning, self-assured smile.

Understanding Invisalign and Clear Aligners

Modern orthodontic procedures like clear aligners and Invisalign are made to gently move your teeth into the ideal position, giving you a straight, even smile. In contrast to traditional braces, these procedures make use of practically undetectable aligners made of smooth, BPA-free plastic that are carefully tailored to suit your teeth.

Benefits of Clear Aligners and Invisalign

1. Discreet Appearance: Because Invisalign and clear aligners are so nearly undetectable, you can straighten your teeth discreetly. For adults and teenagers who want a less obvious orthodontic treatment, this is especially helpful.

2. Enhanced Comfort: The aligners are custom-made using advanced 3D technology, ensuring a snug fit and minimizing discomfort. The absence of wires and brackets eliminates the risk of mouth sores and irritation.

3. Removability: Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners and Invisalign can be easily removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This feature promotes better oral hygiene and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions.

4. Shorter Treatment Time: In many cases, clear aligners and Invisalign can achieve desired results faster than traditional braces, thanks to their advanced treatment planning software and predictable tooth movement.

The Clear Aligners or Invisalign Process at Glendale Dentistry

1. Initial Consultation: During your initial consultation, our experienced orthodontic team will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and jaws. We will discuss your smile goals, evaluate your oral health, and determine if clear aligners or Invisalign is the right treatment for you.

2. Digital Impressions and Treatment Planning: We will take precise impressions of your teeth using cutting-edge digital scanning equipment to develop a personalised treatment strategy. This strategy will outline your teeth's progression and the desired result.

3. Fabrication of Clear Aligners: A set of clear aligners will be specially created for you based on the treatment strategy. Your teeth will move towards their final position gradually with each new pair of aligners, each of which will be slightly different.

4. Wearing Clear Aligners: You will wear each set of aligners for a specific duration, typically around two weeks, before progressing to the next set in the series. Regular check-ups will be scheduled to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

5. Achieving Your Dream Smile: Throughout the treatment process, your teeth will gradually shift into their desired position. By the end of your treatment, you will have achieved a beautiful, straight smile that you can proudly show off.

Do not let crooked teeth prevent you from smiling with assurance. The transparent aligners and Invisalign procedures we provide at Glendale Heights Family Dental can subtly and pleasantly reshape your smile. To arrange a consultation and begin the process of getting your ideal smile, get in touch with us right away.

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Glendale Heights Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services for all ages. Trust us as your go-to family dentist in Glendale Heights.


Glendale Heights Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services for all ages. Trust us as your go-to family dentist in Glendale Heights.

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