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Cracked Tooth Crisis: How Dental Fillings Rescue Damaged Teeth

Jan 07, 2024

Welcome to the Glendale Heights Family Dental blog, where we put your dental health first and offer wise advice on how to maintain the best possible appearance for your teeth. This post will discuss a frequent dental emergency that arises when a tooth breaks. Learn why having dental fillings can improve your oral health and save broken teeth.

Recognizing the Crisis of Cracked Teeth:

There are several reasons why teeth shatter, such as biting on hard objects, grinding teeth, or even unintentional mishaps. If a damaged tooth is not addressed, it can result in more serious problems like sensitivity and discomfort, regardless of the source. In order to avoid further issues, it is essential to seek dental care as soon as a tooth splits.

The Function of Dental Fillings:

For a very long time, teeth that are broken or fractured are typically treated with dental fillings. Our skilled dentists at Glendale Heights Family Dental will evaluate the extent of the fracture and extract any broken or decayed tooth material during the dental filling process. Tooth structure and function are successfully restored by filling the empty space with a long-lasting dental filling substance.

Types of Dental Fillings:

Dental fillings come in a wide variety of forms, each with special benefits of their own. Composite resin fillings are aesthetically acceptable because they are tooth-colored and perfectly match your original teeth. Our dental experts will discuss the best filling option with you during your appointment, taking into account your unique needs and preferences.

The Filling Process:

A dental filling is usually finished in a single visit to our Glendale Heights location and is a reasonably simple treatment. Our dentists will first apply a topical anesthetic, then carefully extract the broken tooth parts and clean the area. The selected dental filling material is next formed and applied to your tooth, adhering to its natural curves. In order to ensure a robust and long-lasting restoration, the filling is finally hardened using a specific light.

Post-Filling Care:

The long-term health of your restored tooth depends on you continuing to practice good oral hygiene following a dental filling. The durability of the filling and the prevention of future dental problems can both be maintained with regular brushing, flossing, and dental exams.

At Glendale Heights Family Dental, we understand how important it is to handle dental problems as soon as they arise. If you have a broken tooth emergency, our skilled dental specialists are here to provide specialized care and restore your smile with premium dental fillings. Make an appointment with us right now, and we'll help you maintain your smile attractive and healthy for years to come. Don't let a damaged tooth compromise your dental health.

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Glendale Heights Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services for all ages. Trust us as your go-to family dentist in Glendale Heights.


Glendale Heights Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services for all ages. Trust us as your go-to family dentist in Glendale Heights.

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